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When your VR headsets are used by several different employees in the company, it is important to clean the glasses regularly. Even if you provide special hygienic face covers, bacteria can still remain on the glasses. Cleanbox is a brand that sells cleaning boxes for VR headsets and accessories. Cleanbox VR cleaning boxes work through UVC LED technology. As a result, the glasses and accessories are cleaned quickly and bacteria are killed very effectively. with the OmniClean 2 and Controller & Haptics Adapter can also clean VR Controllers and other haptic devices. On this page you will find all products of Cleanbox. Buy your professional cleaning boxes from Unbound XR, the XR expert in Europe.

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Rapid and effective decontamination with de Cleanbox

Cleaning VR Glasses with a disinfectant wipe one by one takes a very long time. In addition, it does not remove all bacteria by a long shot. with the Cleanbox CX1, CX2 or CX4 will decontaminate your headsets quickly and effectively. Thanks to the UVC LED technology, a decontamination of no less than 99.99 percent is achieved in just 60 seconds. The same goes for the OmniClean 2, which allows you to clean VR accessories such as Controllers and get rid of bacteria. Place the accessories and other attributes you want to clean on the glass shelf, close the door, press the button and let the device do its job.

Why VR headsets and accessories clean with the Cleanbox?

The Cleanbox cleans quickly, effectively and in a safe, non-harmful manner. All products of this brand have been independently tested and validated by laboratories. The cleaning boxes kill no less than 99.99 percent of all bacteria that have managed to settle on your VR Glasses and accessories. And that in just 60 seconds! The cleaning boxes last about 10,000 hours and come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. This way you can clean the VR products used in your company time and time again. Consistent and flawless. The boxes are modular, mountable and can be stacked.

Our range of Cleanbox products

Within our range of Cleanbox products you will find cleaning boxes that have been specially developed for cleaning VR Glasses. These are the CX1 (for cleaning one pair of glasses), the CX2 (which can hold two pairs of glasses) and the CX4 (when you want to clean four pairs of glasses at the same time). Are you planning to disinfect your VR accessories and attributes? Then the OmniClean is extremely suitable. Don't want to buy a separate device for this? Then use the Controller & Haptics Adapter. This way you can decontaminate your glasses and accessories at the same time in the CX1, CX2 or CX4.

Buy your Cleanbox VR cleaning boxes at Unbound XR

You can order VR cleaning boxes from the Cleanbox brand easily and quickly online at Unbound XR. We have the largest selection of XR glasses, accessories and accessories. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact with us via our form. We are happy to provide you with expert advice.

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