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Difference between the HP Reverb G2 V1 and V2

Last year, HP launched the HP Reverb G2: a VR headset that (among other things) was characterized by its high image resolution. HP has now announced an upgrade of this headset: the HP Reverb G2 V2. with this headset makes an already good headset even better. Among other things, improvements in (vertical) tracking, compatibility with the headset cable and various (AMD) motherboards and better eye relief customization.

New and improved tracking, compatibility and visual customization.

  • The tracking improvement is a result of hardware changes to the physical camera module on the new Reverb G2 units. These changes are not backwards compatible and are only available with purchase of the new refreshed unit.
  • Software changes are compatible with all Reverb G2 headsets and customers can learn more about the updates at: click link.
  • If customers have a problem with their cable or a problem with an AMD-based system, you can request a replacement cable for headsets under warranty through your country's HP customer service channel. Any new cable shipped is the V2 cable.

When it comes to Controller tracking, as a user you only want the best of the best. If there's one thing that bothers you about VR, it's that you lose the Controller tracking. This new upgrade greatly expands the headset's tracking capabilities - increasing vertical tracking volume by 30% over our original headset and eliminating blind spots above and below the waist.

In addition to better tracking, our compatibility with more systems has also been expanded. In collaboration with AMD has developed a solution that has resolved connectivity issues that some users were experiencing. This new upgraded cable is not only limited to new purchases, but also can be purchased online for original HP Reverb G2 Consumers.

The latest update includes an all-new facemask design that allows users to adjust their interpupillary distance to ensure they can better get into their visual sweet spot. This new facemask now includes a removable spacer that allows users to set their interpupillary distance to 15mm (with spacer on and as fitted to the original headset) or 9mm (with spacer off). This comprehensive range allows users to experience the incredible visuals that the Reverb G2 has to offer.

HP Reverb G2 Major Updates

  • Improved Controller Tracking: Get improved tracking below the waist with 30% more vertical area coverage (Increased vertical tracking coverage will also be included on the HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition).
  • Cable: Updated 6M cable for improved compatibility with AMD systems, solving connectivity issues.
  • Face Gasket: New design allows to set the interpupillary distance to 9mm or 15mm, allowing users to better set their visual sweet spot.

In addition to the improvements to the Reverb G2, Microsoft has worked hard to improve the Windows Mixed Reality experience. Some of the new features and settings made available with with the release of Windows 11 are:

Infinite Expanse Environment Built for Performance

The new virtual home environment for Windows Mixed Reality devices has gotten significantly smaller and smaller, streamlined into a single stage instead of the more feature-rich Cliffhouse.

Built with with performance in mind, Infinite Expanse is designed to meet customers' long-standing demand for a less resource-intensive virtual home environment, so that customers can get the best performance from their games and experiences.

The new virtual home environment can be found in the Pins panel in the Places menu.

Faster start with playing SteamVR games

New setting available to start SteamVR automatically when Mixed Reality Portal starts up, allowing you to bypass Windows Mixed Reality virtual home environment and jump straight into SteamVR.

This new setting can be found in the Settings app under Mixed Reality > Startup and Desktop > Autostart.

Take matters into your own hands by customizing the Windows Mixed Reality startup experience

New settings available to better configure your ideal startup experience by increasing your level of control over when Mixed Reality Portal starts up.

You can now control whether Mixed Reality Portal launches when a device is plugged in or when the presence sensor is activated, as well as how the virtual desktop app opens.

Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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