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Ways companies use virtual reality (VR)

See how other companies are applying virtual reality in the most innovative ways

Virtual Reality (VR) started out as an idea to put yourself in the gaming world. The aim of this was to simulate the most immersive experience possible, but at the same time to have as much fun as possible while playing. In the meantime, the development of VR has come so far that it also goes much further than just gaming. Many companies are now using VR for other purposes as well. Consider, for example, supermarkets that want to train their staff, architects who show a house through a VR environment, or a company that shows promotional videos in VR through a playful campaign.

To give an idea of the possibilities that VR can have in your company, we have put together five examples of ways in which your business can use VR. Be inspired by the following examples and who knows, you might soon be able to use VR in a completely innovative way in your company or profession!

Training of staff

There are already many companies that use VR training to prepare their employees for certain situations. The big advantage of these training courses is that you no longer have to recreate the physical space. Consider, for example, a fire drill; When you train personnel in the virtual world to properly handle with fire, you no longer have to spend an entire afternoon getting everyone out safely. In addition, VR is a completely new experience, which makes the training stick a lot better than a standard fire drill. VR is also extremely suitable for practicing speeches or short pitches. A good example of this is the VirtualSpeech app, where you can already practice with using the app in photo-realistic environments.

Simulate virtual environments

Estate agents and architects can make very effective use of VR. By simulating a house or room in the virtual world, you can see the room without having to be physically present. You can also change something very easily, so that you get to see other perspectives that you might otherwise have missed. Consider, for example, the color of a wall or a certain light that you would not be able to see or change in real life. VR also offers the opportunity to be guided virtually. This is useful, for example, for people looking for a new home, but also consider the possibilities of giving potential customers a virtual tour of your office!

Do research

The world continues to innovate. Research is therefore a vital part of these innovations. But not only the world continues to innovate, the way of research also keeps changing. Nowadays, more and more use is made of VR in research. A virtual world is of course the ultimate way to investigate something, because it is relatively easy to influence all kinds of environmental factors. You also do not want to try out some studies in real-life immediately, because it can be dangerous for the test person or because it is difficult to get all test persons in one place at the same time. Worldwide, many research centers are already busy with implementing VR. From examining malignant cells in the body, to testing motor skills in an ascending virtual spaceship; with VR can do it all.

Meetings and online meetings

Presentations and meetings can be boring. One way to make your meeting and/or presentation really engaging is to use VR! Involve your target audience in your story in a whole new way. Don't just let them listen to you, let them experience the story! By putting together a presentation in a creative way, you can continue to captivate your listeners by letting them fall from one surprise to the next, without losing the core of your story. In addition to building a completely virtual world, augmented reality (AR) can also be a very good addition to your story. Combine the real world with with the virtual world, for example by showing life-size statistics in real-life.

Attraction at fairs and events

A lot of companies come to trade shows and events, (almost) all with with the aim of exchanging Information or making connections with with others. The power of a trade fair lies in the large number of people who come to look specifically at your field. So you want to reach as many people as possible at a fair. How do you do that? By setting up a really cool attraction that draws people to you and shows you something completely new! A fair or event about technology, engineering, gaming, innovations, robotics or you name it? VR can always be used and is very interesting for all disciplines! Do you really want to give your visitors a new experience? Then take a look at the Virtuix Omni and the Hypersuit!

Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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