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Iristick H1 (Complete Set met Hoofdband)

Ristick has specially designed its product line for professional use in various environments, such as fieldwork, production, care and logistics, where safety, comfort, durability and reliability are of the utmost importance. A standout product from the Iristick range is the Iristick.H1, a balanced and lightweight smart glasses designed for logistics and service-oriented applications. Thanks to hands-free video control, the Iristick.H1 is easy to integrate and use in various work areas. What makes these smart glasses really unique compared to with alternatives is the dual camera setup. This allows filming in portrait mode, allowing the user's full field of view and operator actions to be captured on the video screen without having to look down much.

The addition of a viewing screen significantly improves work processes. Consider complex service and installation procedures, where a specialist no longer needs to be physically on site, but via an external screen, like a telephone, tablet or laptop, can immediately observe and give instructions to the employee on site. In addition, the Iristick.H1 is equipped with a built-in camera with 6x zoom capabilities, making detailed inspections easy to perform. In addition, the .H1 has useful extras, such as a built-in laser, LED flash and a barcode reader with with a range of 3 cm to 1.5 meters. The Iristick.H1 must be paired with a mobile phone with Android or iOS operating system, allowing these smart glasses to make use of the external computing power. As a result, the Iristick.H1 offers a long battery life and can be used flexibly with with various software programs.

  • Weight: 168 grams
  • Resolution: 428 x 240 WQVGA
  • Video: 720p with 30 fps
  • FOV: 115 degrees
  • Barcode scanner: Yes
  • Certification: IP67
  • Developer Information: https://developer.iristick.com/latest/
Pros and cons
  • Double camera that makes it possible to film the hands without looking (far) down.
  • 100% hands-free use via speech and gesture recognition.
  • Iristick.H1 can be directly with connected to any smartphone (Android 8 / iOS 8 or higher).
  • The Iristick.H1 must always be with connected to a telephone by a cable.
  • A smartphone is not included as standard.
What's in the box
  • 1 x Iristick.H1 Headset
  • 1 x Battery Charger, USB-C Cable, Magnetic Plate
  • 1 x Protective Case
  • 1 x SDK

Additional Information

Product Codes

EAN 9506992552165
Brand iris stick
Model .H1


Device type Standalone AR
Headstrap Type Hard hat attachable strap
Material Plastic
Weight (with headstrap) 167 Grams
Haptic Feedback No.
Color Black


Screen Type No.
Peak brightness 2000 Nits
Field of View (FOV) 16 degrees
Refresh rate 60 Hz
Field of view Horizontal 77 degrees
Resolution 640x400
Field of view Vertical 115 degrees
Foveated Rendering Yes
Field of view Diagonal No.


Lens Type No.
Adjustable Diopter No.
Passthrough No.


tracking methode No.
Base stations needed No.
Eye tracking No.
Facetracking No.
Hand tracking No.
Body tracking No.


Controllers No
Haptic Feedback No.
Type of Battery No.
Built-in Battery No.


Built-in speaker Yes
Microphone Yes
3.5mm Audio Connection Yes


Connections USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C
WiFi No.
Bluetooth No.
WiFi Type No.
Bluetooth Version No.


Operating system Android
chipset No.


Internal Storage No.
MicroSD Connection No.


Battery capacity No.
Battery life 5 hours
Charging time (0-100%) 1.5 hours


Name Iristick H1 (Complete Set with Headband)
Weight (kg) 0.1680
Product Videos
  • Iristick.H1: head-mounted smart glasses introduction and getting started
  • Iristick.H1: Head-mounted smart glasses
  • Getting started with the Iristick.H1 head-mounted smart glasses
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