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Full service for XR software vendors (ISVs)

Do you recognize yourself in the situation below?

You started with with the sale of software and you took care of the entire process up to and with the pre-installation of the software and the delivery of the hardware. Now you are looking for a reliable and experienced supplier who can support your organization.

Contact with one of our specialists

As an ISV, you have developed high-quality XR software and you gradually see your customer base growing, resulting in more users for your software. As an ISV, you assist your customers in purchasing hardware and, if necessary, assist them in getting the hardware ready by installing the software, possibly with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) and send everything in cases with or without accessories to your customers. After delivery, you ensure that the users can handle with the delivered setup, training the team that will with work the headsets.

As the software and hardware become operational, new end-user questions or hardware or software failures may arise that need to be resolved. These questions and failures will be resolved by your team and if the hardware is defective, you will contact with the hardware supplier and remain involved in the process until your customer is able to use the hardware again.

But now, the resounding success and the increase in scale requires a different approach

But now something changes. Your software is becoming a resounding success. Orders are coming in and significant investments are being made in the software. It's all hands on deck now. You desperately need your employees to develop new versions and keep everything compatible with new hardware and further develop the software to better suit the ever-growing group of users and the feedback you receive.

While working with hardware and answering questions about the hardware used to be an educational activity, you're now starting to see it as a less welcome distraction from your core business.

That's where Unbound XR can and wants to support you. This is exactly where Unbound XR as a supplier of all your hardware likes to go the extra mile so that your customers receive a product that is ready to use. In addition, if desired, your customers can talk to with a hardware supplier who has knowledge of your software and the software design of the glasses your customers use.

Naturally, pitching and selling your software remains part of your core activity. But once the customer has made the decision to use your software, you can put Unbound to work delivering turnkey hardware.

How does that work exactly, Unbound's service to ISVs?
  1. Unbound knows with the specifications of your software and has a package ready based on that or your recommendations with XR hardware, necessary peripherals and accessories for your customers to choose from. If desired, Unbound can also provide tailor-made advice to the customer.
  2. The customer then compiles his or her order and submits it himself or through the ISV to Unbound as a final order.
  3. Unbound then goes to work with the order. On the instructions of the ISV, the glasses and/or the peripheral equipment are fitted with the desired MDM and the software of the ISV. We test the operation of the hardware and software to ensure quality before it is shipped to the end customer.
  4. The chosen accessories and peripherals are packaged and possibly provided with the ISV branding. The entire order is then packed and prepared for worldwide shipping.
  5. If you or your customer would like a training course, we will be happy to provide it.
  6. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with with in the hardware or software configuration, Unbound is available 5 days a week from 09:00 to 17:00 by telephone and e-mail for you and your customers to provide support.

Our promises to ISVs, the benefits of working together with Unbound XR

  • We are a software independent party that does not produce VR/AR/MR software ourselves. 
  • We have no interest in a specific brand. 
  • We deliver the desired turn-key configuration, including pre-installed and configured software. 
  • We supply all desired accessories and peripherals and we can provide hardware with your branding.
  • We configure the MDM to the wishes of the end customer or the ISV 
  • We test our work before sending it to your customer. 
  • We ship the hardware to any address worldwide. 
  • We offer hardware support and first-line software assistance for the end customer. 
  • We keep the software and applications (version management) on the hardware up-to-date for you.
  • We have comprehensive product liability insurance.
  • We are WEEE registered. With this we take our responsibility to process packaging and equipment in an environmentally friendly way.

Our pre-sales Services include:

  • Providing hardware demonstrations and advice to both ISVs and end customers.
  • Sending hardware demo/loan kits and handling their return.
  • Delivering requested hardware, peripherals and accessories to the end customer or to our ISVs.
  • Pre-installing and configuring a Mobile Device Management (MDM) of your choice with the desired applications.
  • Creating accounts with, for example, Meta, Pico or Steam*.
  • Testing the setup through a sanity test to ensure everything is working properly.
  • Applying the company branding and packing ready for use.
  • Worldwide insured shipping to your customers.
  • Providing financing for purchases from €10,000.

* If the applications to be installed are only accessible through an individual Meta account, then we need to create a separate Meta account for each Headset. However, if this is not a requirement, we can create a single Meta account that can be used on up to 30 devices.

Our after-sales Services include:

  • Extending the manufacturer's warranty and/or adding non-life insurance for the hardware.
  • Organizing replacement products that can be picked up immediately or delivered within 24/48 hours.
  • Providing first-line support to your end customers for all hardware and software questions**.
  • The version and update management of the hardware, the MDM and your applications on the devices.
  • Manage the MDM configuration, such as creating new users, groups, and the kiosk experiences.
  • Periodic maintenance on site.
  • Offering a buyback guarantee. If desired, we buy back the hardware supplied by us after a period of time.

** When a customer asks questions about the content of the applications, we forward them to the appropriate department or software supplier.

Don't miss an opportunity to take your business to the next level with with the comprehensive services of Unbound XR! Whether you are looking for hardware demonstrations, custom configurations, worldwide shipping or extended warranty and support options, our professional and experienced teams are ready to meet all your needs. Don't hesitate any longer and send an email to today sales@unboundxr.co.uk to find out how we can help you grow your business!

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