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Onero-X Charge Case for Quest 2 without Elite Strap (Up to 10 headsets)

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Onero-X Charge Koffer voor Quest 2 zonder Elite Strap (Tot 10 Headsets)

The Onero-X Cases are suitable for safely transporting several Meta Quest 2 (or other VR Glasses). The Onero-X case is completely cut to size and uses a high quality foam padding. This ensures that the VR Glasses sits securely in the case and there is no chance that the VR Glasses will be thrown through the case (and damaged in the process) during use. The Onero-X Suitcase can be used for business events and companies with which several VR Glasses must be transported at the same time. In addition to transporting the VR Glasses, safe storage of the VR Glasses is also a major advantage of the Onero-X case. For example, the case with can be secured with 7 clips and there are small rings on the side of the case through which a separate slot can be put.

When adding this product to the shopping cart, it is possible to choose from different charging options and the number of headsets that the case can contain. The Onero-X Charge case comes standard with with charging option for Meta Quest 2 headsets. You can easily place the glasses in the case, and there is a power strip at the bottom of the case. As an extra option it is possible to add a charger for the Controllers to the case. This consists of two battery charging blocks integrated into the foam of the case. In these charging blocks you can charge the batteries of the Controllers - or store and take extra batteries with you.

The Onero-X Charge case is available in two variants: a variant for up to 6 headsets (with elite Strap) and a variant for up to 10 headsets (without elite Strap). If there are fewer headsets than the stated configurations (for example 8 headsets that you want to place in the case of 10 pieces), you can also indicate this. In that case, the case will be supplied with with extra foam blocks that will fill the remaining space, so that there are no empty holes in the foam of the case.

  • Easy to transport: The Onero-X Charge is a large suitcase with a trolley system. This makes the suitcase easy to carry.
  • The headsets are charged in the case by default. Optionally, the Onero-X Charge case can be supplied with with chargers for batteries of the Controller.
  • Can accommodate up to 10 headsets without elite Strap. It is also possible to put less headsets in it. The empty compartments are 'filled' with with a removable foam.
  • Internal dimensions: 620 x 460 x 340 mm.
  • External dimensions: 687 x 528 x 366 mm.
Pros and cons
  • The Onero-X is a sturdy transport case where you can store several VR Glasses at the same time.
  • Available in different variants, including a charging and hygiene variant.
  • The case has two wheels that make it easy to transport.
  • The foam of the Onero-X case is completely cut to size for a perfect fit of the VR Glasses.
  • If you want to use the Onero-X case for a different type VR Glasses, the delivery time will be a bit longer + price higher.
  • The VR Glasses are not supplied as standard.
What's in the box
  • 1 x VR Flightcase with custom-made inner liner
  • 1 x Power Cable + Charging Accessories (Optional)

Additional Information

Product Codes

EAN 9502157167717
Brand Onero-X
Model Batch 10


Color No.


Name Onero-X Charge Case for Quest 2 without Elite Strap (Up to 10 headsets)
Weight (kg) 21.4000
Suitable for type Headset Meta Quest 2
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  • Onero-X Charge Case for Quest 2
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