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Serious VR: Have a serious VR training developed

Virtual reality is no longer just used for playing games. While a few years ago it was still used purely as an entertainment device, it is now possible to follow complete VR training courses. This is with particularly useful for training that is rather time consuming and expensive "in real life". Think of it practice with a jet bridge from KLM - or a training of a heart surgeon having to practice a difficult operation. Fortunately, VR has now come so far that it is also possible to do this type of training in the virtual world. All you need for this is VR glasses (and in some cases a powerful PC). And of course someone who develops the training for you!

Tip: Do you want to develop a VR training but do you still know where to start? Please contact with our Digital Tech Specialist† We are happy to help you map out the right hardware and steer you in the right direction in finding a software partner.

The company from Twente Serious VR creates these VR workouts. They are specialized in developing serious VR games; games that are made for training/practice, rather than just entertainment purposes. Virtual training has a number of advantages over physical training. Some of the benefits of the VR training include:

  • Less physical space is required than with real training. For a VR training you only need VR glasses and possibly a Computer and screen.
  • Hardware that is used can all be imitated in the virtual world (think of a button that someone has to press, or a lever that he or she has to pull).
  • A VR workout can be done faster than a physical workout. There is no need to prepare the room or the user. You put on the VR glasses and get to work.
  • The participant trains in a different way than he or she is used to. This saves better the "new" Information he gets.
  • It is a more efficient way of training. If you have multiple participants, it is easy to switch between users.

In short; a VR training has many advantages compared to a real training. It is important to mention that a VR training is not a replacement for a real training. It is always a supplement - although at the moment there are also many workouts in the making that could replace a real workout. A good example of this is training to pilot an airplane, such as with de mixed reality training from Varjo. As a novice pilot, you don't want to get into a flying plane right away for a lot of reasons. When you with a VR glasses perform a first training in virtual reality, you at least become familiar with with the cockpit and with all the buttons. This is therefore the first step of pilot training. Once the user is familiar with the virtual cockpit, he can then step into the real cockpit.

Different types of VR training

1. Operational VR training

Operational training on machines can start long before a machine is used in production, simply through training in Virtual Reality. This is especially useful when industrial companies open new production sites abroad. Maximizing production capacity and minimizing failure costs is another incentive to train operators in virtual reality. They are ready to work effectively on machines before they start working with real machines. This way of training gives the opportunity to standardize training processes based on the best cases of your operators around the world. Dramatically reduce training costs.

2. Incident VR training

Incidents often occur within production processes. Diagnosing and repairing the manufacturing process can be a daunting task. By capturing the expertise and best cases of senior operators, an apprentice master training system can be established to train on the most common operational incidents. This type of training results in a clear shortcut to mastery and a major step forward in machine uptime and maximization of production capacity.

3. Maintenance training

Machine manufacturers often face with problems with service and maintenance around the world. Service technicians have to travel long distances while local service technicians are available. However, these on-site engineers do not have the necessary expertise to perform maintenance work. By using Virtual Reality training, local maintenance teams can be trained and deployed for specific maintenance and service work, without the need for an expert service technician. During training in Virtual Reality, the risk of damage to expensive tooling and objects on location is minimized. This makes maintenance training in Virtual Reality a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Examples of VR workouts

1. Apollo Vredestein

Apollo Tires is a multinational with offices and production sites in countries around the world, such as India, South Africa and the Netherlands. One of their KPIs in production optimization is to design best cases for production processes and implement them in all locations around the world. Serious VR helped Apollo Vredestein to develop a VR training for a mold changing machine. with This VR training trains operators more efficiently to practice complex operations before working on the real machine. In this way, operators can change molds faster and there is less training time in the factory. Resulting in reduced machine downtime for all factories.

Click here to read more about Apollo Vredestein's training.

2. diversey

diversey is a supplier of cleaning and hygiene products, serving customers in a wide range of sectors. It integrates chemicals, floor maintenance machines, tools and equipment, with a wide range of technology-based Services with value-added, food safety services and water and energy management. diversey is active worldwide and has 11,000 employees.

For one of Diversey's filling lines, Serious VR has researched and developed a VR training in which bottles have to be filled, checked and labelled. One mistake can have huge negative effects on the customer's cleaning process. This can lead to high costs, which diversey wants to avoid. That is why this virtual training approach was developed and implemented.

Click here to read more about Diversey's training.

Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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