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VR headsets

VR headsets (170 Results)

Although Virtual Reality has been around for some time, the range of VR Glasses has never been as large as it is today. with and VR Glasses it seems as if you are in another reality. with and VR Headset you can then also simulate a kind of false reality. Because different senses are acted on, you have the feeling that you are both mentally and physically in a completely different world. In short, with and VR Glasses a whole new world opens up

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for you. When you decide to buy a VR Glasses, you can choose from different types. At Unbound XR, in addition to All-In-One Standalone VR Glasses, we also sell VR Glasses suitable for smartphone, PC or laptop. In addition, you have come to the right place for purchasing Augmented Reality, Assisted Reality or Mixed Reality glasses. Buy your VR Glasses or other XR (extended Reality) glasses at Unbound XR to be assured of competitive prices, good service and fast delivery!

Standalone (All-In-One) VR Glasses

A StandaloneVR Glasses is also called a All-In-OneVR Glasses. These are VR Glasses that work without having to connect them to a PC or laptop first. You don't have to worry about whether your PC or laptop is powerful enough to connect a VR Glasses. A Standalone VR Glasses works completely wirelessly, so you can use the glasses wherever you are. Popular All-In-One VR Glasses are the Meta Quest 3 and the Pico 4. For businesses, popular All-In-One VR Glasses are the Meta Quest Pro and HTC VIVE XR Elite. View all of ours here Standalone All-In-One VR Glasses.

VR headsets for PC or laptop

Are you looking for a VR Glasses that you need to connect to your PC or laptop? You can also choose from different options. Consider, for example, the HP Reverb G2 and the HTC VIVE Pro 2. Unlike a All-In-One VR Glasses, with a PC VR Glasses you always need a suitable PC or laptop to connect your VR Headset. On the other hand, you can enjoy very good graphic quality, which takes your Virtual Reality experience to an even higher level. View all of ours here PC VR Glasses.

VR Glasses for your smartphone

The technology has now been developed so far that you can now even buy a VR Glasses for your smartphone. More and more smartphones support VR/AR. These smartphones are therefore suitable for use in combination with with and a smartphone VR Headset. Je hoeft alleen even je smartphone in de houder te schuiven, verbinding je maken and je kunt al genieten van een ruim aanbod aan VR apps, games and 360 graden video’s. Both the VR Shinecon 6 G04 and the BoboVR Z6 support both Android and iOS operating systems. View all of ours here Smartphone VR Glasses.

Other forms of extended Reality (XR)

Did you know that extended Reality (XR) is much more than Virtual Reality (VR) alone? In addition to Virtual Reality, this term also includes Augmented Reality and Assisted Reality. Augmented Reality forms a combination between the real world on the one hand and a virtual world on the other. with the Microsoft Hololens 2 you can experience for yourself what it is like when the real world and a virtual world with are intertwined. with Assisted Reality it is possible to remotely with watch someone in order to assist. Assisted Reality is therefore different from Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality. Glasses that use Assisted Reality include the RealWear Navigator 520, the Vuzix M400 and the Epson Moverio BT-40. View all of ours here Augmented Reality glasses and Assisted Reality glasses.

Buy your new or second chance VR Glasses at Unbound XR

In addition to brand new VR Glasses, you can also order second chance VR headsets from Unbound XR. These headsets were returned by a customer, checked by us and are still in excellent condition. This way you can enjoy VR at a reduced price. The discounts can be up to 70 percent! Would you rather have new VR glasses? You will also benefit from very competitive prices that you can only find with us. View all of ours here Second chance VR Glasses. Do you want to start using your Headset tomorrow? Which can! Many VR Glasses in our webshop are available directly from stock. Ordered before 23:59, delivered tomorrow! That's Unbound XR!

More Information or questions about VR glasses?

Do you have any questions about purchasing your VR glasses? Our specialists are ready to help you. We are also happy to help you if you would like more Information about a specific VR Glasses. You can reach us by sending a message through us online contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible with with an answer to all your questions!

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